Tired of stressful survey launch processes?

Try Surveyguru’s revolutionary 2 step solution i.e. Upload & Download. A fully automated scripting solution – it’s as simple as uploading your questionnaire and downloading online scripting link within seconds.

How This Works?

Register yourself

Create your account with us, add your friends, colleagues and clients for collaboration.

Create Survey

Give a unique name to your project so that you can access it later by filling a small form of 5-8 questions to provide your project information.

Upload the questionnaire

Just upload your questionnaire and you are ready to go – access your survey link within seconds.

Every project you create comes with

Automated New Age Survey
Automated Data Processing
Automated Online Dashboard

You can opt for customization of every process above at a nominal cost. For customization – drop a email and our support team will assist you within minutes

Effective tools for busy Researchers!

Fun & Easy

We make survey based studies fun and easy to launch and execute!

Full Control

New way of working – let the researcher in you take full control of operations without actually spending much time with manual processes.

Code-Free Solutions

All our solutions are code-free – while you spend time adding value by generating insights, our platform does all the hard work for you.

Why subscribe to Surveyguru.io

Surveyguru.io offers solutions which researcher used to dream previously. From Scripting to data processing to dashboarding all with one click of button… our solutions are

Cost Effective
Great User Experience
Seamless integration
Universal Application